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Pg Steel Conduit Thread Ring Gages per DIN 40431 Steel Conduit Thread Gauges

Pg Steel Conduit Threads are manufactured per DIN 40430 Steel Conduit Thread Dimensions.

The Steel Conduit Thread Ring gauges are manufactured per DIN 40431.

The Pg thread series is designed specifically for the thin wall cross section of the steel conduit. The thin wall thickness requires a shorter profile thread that will not break through the outside diameter of the steel conduit during the machining process. The Pg conduit thread form features an 80° included angle and a shorter profile than the 60° included angle found in the Unified National thread series and the Metric thread series. .

Pg Steel Conduit Thread Ring Gages per DIN 40431 Steel Conduit Thread Gauges

The DIN 40431 standard for P1 steel conduit threads specifies the requirements for using Go thread ring gages and plain NoGo ring gages to inspect the conduit threads. The plain NoGo ring gage checks the major diameter or crest of the thread and verifies that minimum material condition is met. The Go threaded ring works normally by ensuring the maximum material condition is met.

Using the Pg Thread Ring Gages:

The Go Threaded ring gage must be capable of being screwed by hand without undue force over the full length of the threaded work piece.

The NoGo plain ring gage must not be able to pass over the threaded work piece.

DIN 40431



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