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IEC 60061-3 Lamp Caps and Holders Gauges for Control of Interchangeability and Safety

Standards & Clauses:

iec 60061-3:2015 “Lamp caps and holers together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety –Part 3:Gauges,MOD”

IEC 60238:2017 “Edsion screw lampholders”

IEC 61184:2017 “Bayonet lampholders”


Samples and Restrictions:

Screw, bi-pin, prefocus, miscellaneous, bayonet lamp caps and holders



To check whether the dimensions and shapes of the lamp caps and holders meet standard requirements by using the various types of lamp caps and lamp holders interchangeable size gauge.


Test Principle:

Measure the shape and size of the lamp cap or holder by using the corresponding gauge, to verify the lamp cap or holder is compliant with the standard range.



Please refer to the figures in the standards.


Technical Parameters:


No.:CategoryNameStandard Figure
1E14 Lamp CapE14 Lam Cap “Go” Gauge7006-27F-1
2E14 Lamp Cap “Not Go” Gauge7006-28B-1
3E14 Lamp Cap Prevent Accidental Contact Gauge7006-55-2
4E14S1 Lamp Cap “Go” Gauge7006-27G-1
5E14 Lamp Cap Contacting Making Gauge7006-54-2
6E14 Lamp Cap Torque Test GaugeIEC60968Fig2
7E27 Lamp CapE27 Lam Cap “Go” Gauge7006-27B-1
8E27 Lamp Cap“Not Go” Gauge7006-28A-1
9E27S1 Lamp Cap “Go” Gauge7006-27C-1
10E27 Lamp Cap Contacting Making Gauge7006-50-1
11E27 Lamp Cap Prevent Accidental Contact Gauge7006-51A-2
12E27 Lamp Cap Prevent accidental contact gauge 51*397006-51-2
13E27 Lamp Cap Torque Test GaugeIEC60968Fig2
14B15 Lamp CapB15 Lamp Cap Insertion Gauge7006-4A-2
15B15 Lamp Cap Retention Gauge7006-4B-1
16B15 Lamp Cap “Not Go” Gauge7006-10-8
17B15 Lamp Cap “Go” Gauge7006-11-8
18B15 Lamp Cap Torque Test GaugeIEC60968Fig3
19B22d Lamp CapB22 Lamp Cap Insertion Gauge7006-4A-2
20B22 Lamp Cap Retention Gauge7006-4B-1
23B22 Lamp Cap “Go” Gauge7006-10-8
24B22 Lamp Cap “Not Go” Gauge7006-11-8
25B22D Lamp Cap Acceptance Gauge7006-3-1
26BY22d Lamp Cap “Go” Gauge7006-17A-1
27B22 Lamp Cap Torque Test GaugeIEC60968Fig3
28GZ10 Lamp Cap“Go” / “Not Go” Gauge7006-120-1
29GZ10 Lamp Holder“Go” / “Not Go” Gauge7006-120A-1
30GU10 Lamp Holder“Go” / “Not Go” Gauge7006-121A-1
31GU10 Lamp CapGU10 Lamp Cap “Go” / “Not Go” Gauge7006-121-1
32E26 Lamp CapE26 Lamp Cap “Go” Gauge7006-27D-3
33E26 Lamp Cap “Not Go” Gauge7006-29L-4
34E26d Lamp Cap Prevent Accidental Contact Gauge7006-29A-2
35E26 Lamp Cap Contacting Making Gauge7006-29-3
36E26d Lamp Cap Reference Diameter 23mm “Go” Gauge7006-29B-2
37E26d Lamp Cap Reference Diameter 13.2mm “Go” Gauge7006-29C-2
38E26d Lamp Cap Reference Diameter 10.4mm “Go” Gauge7006-29D-1
39E26 Lamp Cap
40E14 Lamp Holder“Go” Gauge7006-25-7
41“Not Go” Gauge7006-26-4
42Contacting Making Gauge7006-30-2
43Candle Lamp Contacting Making Gauge7006-30A-1
43Prevent Accidental Contact Gauge7006-31-4
44Torque Test CapIEC 60238 Figure5
45Test Cap "A"IEC 60238 Figure13
46Test Cap "b"IEC 60238 Figure13
47E27 Lamp Holder“Go” Gauge7006-25A-2
48“Not Go” Gauge7006-26-4
49Prevent Accidental Contact Gauge7006-22A-4
50Anti-bulb Neck Damage and Contacting Making Gauge7006-21-5
51Inside Shrapnel Resilience Gauge7006-22D-1
52Side Contacts Edge Gauge7006-22B-1
53Side Contacts Resilience Gauge7006-22C-1
54Torque Test CapIEC 60238 Figure5
55Aging test capIEC 60238 Figure14
56E40 Lamp Cap“Go” Gauge7006-27-7
57“Not Go” Gauge7006-28D-1
58Prevent Accidental Contact Gauge7006-53-1
59Contacting Making Gauge7006-52-1

B22 Lamp Holder

Plug Gauge7006-12-8
61Gauge for checking contact position and contact force in (90°-130°)7006-15-7
62Gauge for checking contact position and contact force(90°-130°)7006-20-4
63Supplementary “Go” Gauge7006-12A-2
64“Not Go”/ Retention Gauge7006-12B-2
65Gauge for checking contact position and contact force7006-15A-2
66Gauge for the slots in lampholders7006-13-5
67Plug Gauge7006-17B-1

E12 Lamp Cap

“Go” Gauge7006-27H-1
69“Not Go” Gauge7006-28C-1
70Supplementary “Go” Gauge7006-27J-1
71Contacting Making Gauge7006-32-1

E17 Lamp Cap

“Go” Gauge7006-27K-1
73“Not Go” Gauge7006-28F-1
74Contacting Making Gauge7006-26D-1

E39 Lamp Cap

“Go” Gauge7006-24B-1
76“Not Go



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