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Glow Wire Tester Working Principle

Glow Wire Tester is one such requirement used within the appliance industry today.

The glow wire tester is a kind of test equipment to test for materials burning, glow-wire test apparatus according to the requirements of the “test methods” in the glow wire tester test standard design and manufacture. The glow wire tester device is suitable for the test of electric and electronic products, household appliances and materials conduct fire hazard testing for flame ignition source fire tests to determine the related materials from the glow wire ignition temperature and flammability, flame index.

Principle of Glow Wire Tester
glow wire tester uses large current regulations of material (Ni80/Cr20) and the shape of the electric wire (Φ4 mm nickel chromium wire) to heat to the test temperature (550 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃ for one min, it uses the prescribed pressure (1.0N) vertical blanch hot the sample 30s, depending on the sample and bedding material whether ignition or held the ignition time determination of electric and electronic equipment finished fire danger; ignitability determination of solid insulating materials and other solid combustible materials, ignition temperature (GWIT) ignitability and flammability index (GWFI). measuring the temperature of the glow-wire with a nominal median diameter of 0.5mm sheathed filaments thermocouple wire (K type) of nickel-chromium and nickel – aluminum wire, is suitable for temperatures up to 960°C. under the conditions of continuous operation, the welding point is located in the armored jacket, a thermocouple for measuring the temperature of the glow wire, armored metal sleeve can resist the temperature capability at least 1050°C. Calibration: the calibration of the temperature measurement system temperature is 960 °C. The standard approach is with a purity of 99.8%, a thickness of 0.06mm, the side length of 2mm square silver foil on the upper surface of the top of the glow wire. When searing hot filament make the silver melt, the temperature is 960 ° C ± 15 ° C, Test glow filament temperature thermocouple, armored metal sleeve at least be able to withstand the temperature of 1050 degrees.



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