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E17 Caps Gauges Instructions

Related gauges for E17 caps:

1. Go gauge for caps on finished lamps E17, 7006-27K-1;


To check the maximum dimensions of the screw thread and dimension T1 minimum of E17 caps on finished lamps.


When the cap on a finished lamp has been screwed into the gauge as far as it will go, the centre contact shall touch surface X. When the lamp is being removed from the gauge, at least two full turns shall be required to disengage the threads.

2. Not go gauge for caps on finished lamps E17, 7006-28F-1;


To check the minimum outside (major) diameter of the screw thread, dimension d, of E12 caps on finished lamps.


When the gauge is placed over the thread of the cap on a finished lamp, held cap uppermost, the centre contact shall not project beyond surface X.

Only the weight of the gauge itself shall be used in the test.

3. Gauge for testing contact-making of lamps fitted with caps E17, 7006-26D-1.


To check lamp dimensions for contact-making in E17 lampholders.


The shape of the lamp with regard to the fit in the lampholder is assumed to be correct, if the lamp can be pushed into the gauge until surface W reaches surface V or projects beyond it.



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