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How to obtain Calibration Certificates

Both Accredited Calibrations and Traceable Calibrations include a Calibration Certificate that accompanies the instrument when it is returned to its owner.

The calibration certificate documents essential information about the instrument's condition, and also provides details about out-of-tolerance conditions, special measurement conditions, and more. Each certificate includes a serial number that associates one calibration with one instrument. This document may be required by the end-users of products tested with the instrument, especially in the case of government contracts.

Calibration certificate formats will vary by geographical location and local government regulations. Most Calibration Certificates will include the following information:

  • Dates and environmental conditions at the time of calibration
  • Received Condition
In tolerance/meets all specifications
Operational failure, includes a description of the failure
  • Out of tolerance, includes a description of the out of tolerance condition
  • Returned Condition
In tolerance/meets all specifications
Meets limited or special specifications (customer request only)
  • Traceability statement
  • Identification of the standards used during calibration. Associates specific traceable instruments with this certificate.
  • Calibration procedure used, including revision level if applicable.
  • Calibration interval and source of recommendation: LEE HING or customer. Accredited calibration certificates do not identify a calibration due date.
  • Contact information for inquiries about this Certificate

Calibration Certificate Facts

  • Most certificates will cite the basis of the calibration procedure. Typically the most rigorous procedure is that recommended by the manufacturer. However, this is not required.
  • A compliant calibration does not necessarily include adjustments to bring the instrument up to specified performance.
  • A Test Data Report provides more detailed information about calibration results. The Report is a standard deliverable for Accredited Calibrations and optional with Traceable Calibrations.



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