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BS plug and socket gauge BS1363 List

NO Figure No. Description
1 BS1363-1-Fig1 Test pin (see clause 12)
2 BS1363-1-Fig2a.2b Apparatus for mechanical strength test on resilient covers (see clause 9) /Hardwood block for figure 2a
3 BS1363-1-Fig5 Gauge for plug pins (see clauses 12,20 and 22)
4 BS1363-1-Fig8 Plug pin deflection test apparatus for resilient plugs (see clause 12)
5 BS1363-1-Fig9 Apparatus for abrasion test on insulating sleeves of plug pins (see clause 12)
6 BS1363-1-Fig10 Apparatus for pressure test at high temperatures(see clause 12)
7 BS1363-1-Fig11 GO gauge for socket-outlet (for use when checking figure 17b)
8 BS1363-1-Fig12 Contact test gauge (see clause 13)
9 BS1363-1-Fig14 Non-contact test gauge (see clause 13)
10 BS1363-1-Fig15 Turning moment gauge (see clause 13)
11 BS1363-1-Fig16 Withdrawal pull gauges for effectiveness of contact(see clause 13)
12 BS1363-1-Fig17a/b Test apparatus for temperature rise test (see clause 16)/ Dummy front plate for temperature rise test (see clause 16)
13 BS1363-Fig19 Solid link for test on fuse clips (see clause 20)
14 BS1363-1-Fig23 Apparatus for pressure test (see clause 22)
15 BS1363-1-Fig32 Apparatus for tests on plug pins (see clause 12)
16 BS1363-1-Fig7 Mounting plate (see clause 12)
17 BS1363-1-Fig24 Apparatus for ball pressure test (see clause 22)
18 BS1363-1-Fig29 Calibration of calibrated link (see A.2)
19 BS1363-1-Fig30 Test plug for temperature rise (see annex B)
20 BS1363-1-Fig33 Apparatus for torsion test on pins (see clause 12)
21 BS1363-1-Fig34 Test plug (see clause 16)



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